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Packaging & Labels

... You're not just a pretty face!

Packaging and labels come in many formats. Plain and recognisable, such as an Amazon delivery box and complex with many special colours and embossing/debossing as used in the whisky label industry.

We were asked by our client Laura Porter at to create packaging and labels for her new beauty products range. We were supplied positional files by the print/packaging company.

Laura wanted the designs to be simple but classic. She had decided on black and white as base shades with a rose gold or green highlight colour being used as a sample area to show how much of the product was to be used.

Sam designed elegant labels and packaging based around the number each product was called. In this case - Number 8.

As the labels were being printed on silver foil, the rose gold or green colours were to be printed directly over this to allow it to shimmer. The black labels required a white underprint so that the silver foil did not shine through and the black was then printed over this.

The white labels received a similar treatment, but only black text printed over the white.

The black packaging received a 50% cyan underprint below the black to ensure a rich black. The text was given a 0.15mm spread knocking out the cyan to ensure there were no registration issues.

A description and instructions use, ingredients, country of origin, registered owner and address, batch/reference numbers, QR code, bar code, recycle symbol, PAO jar symbol, hazard warnings and content size all have to be included. Phew!

The client was delighted with the result and further artwork for new products are to be designed and launched shortly.

Laura's beauty products are available to buy at

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