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Embrace the world of Interactive Magazines

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

… set your clients up for world-wide reading!

Magazines, brochures, handbooks, annual reports and catalogues no longer need to be

in a physical form. Whilst it’s always great to be able to hold and read from paper, an interactive digital brochure allows this and much more.

As these are cloud based, they can be accessed world-wide. Ideal for reaching a larger client base and keeping print costs down. Usable on both desktop and mobile screens they allow

portability and “read anywhere” usage.

Web links to these can be sent to new and established clients via all forms of social media, websites and emails, allowing you to reach a larger audience to get your message or products noticed.

In many cases we have been tasked to design brochures for print and digital. The process is similar; however, interactivity can be added to the cloud-based ones.

Links to products, websites, blogs, music, emails and indeed direct dial phone numbers can be embedded within the digital magazine making the whole experience fun and exciting This allows touch screen access without having to retype these connections.

Examples of these can be seen here:

Animation can be added to areas within the brochures for maximum impact, as you can see in our own brochure:

If you would like to know more about Interactive Digital Magazines, please email and we can discuss your needs further.

Author: John McLeod - Production Director - bluKite Media Agency

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