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branding & logos


A brand can be defined as “a person’s gut feeling about a product, service, or organization” — Marty Neumeier.


If a brand is people’s gut feeling, then branding is the act of influencing their gut feeling. This is our role - to influence public perception about a person, product, service, or organization through various experiences.


This is why branding is everything! It literally includes being intentional in communicating a particular message at every point of interaction a user might have with your company.

What’s in a logo? After all, it’s just some text and colour. Actually, it’s a lot, lot more.


A logo is not your brand, but it is the customers goto visual representation of it. It should be instantly recognisable for established clients and be able to draw in new ones. This is something we understand and work towards when creating exciting logos.


Whether it’s a new logo or indeed a fresh rebrand of an established one, we can help.

SM Procast Full Logo White_edited.jpg

This is a clever and compact corporate identity using the shape of houses like Russian dolls.

OC Full Colour LogoRGB_edited.jpg

The caring hands incorporating holding and protecting, the leafs represent the residents.


The clever arch gently touching the B and D that visually says bridge, in an elegant  way.

WIJ Logo_edited.jpg
wij scotland

The use of a strong bold font with a touch of elegance. Representing these strong, powerful woman.


The creation of the Dynamic Wave represents the movement of this forward thinking business.

procast group

Procast Logo_edited.jpg

Procast Group is the combined corporate name for three highly successful businesses — Procast Building Contractors, Procast Energy Services and Procast Property Services.


We successfully rebranded Procast who wanted all three arms of their business incorporated into a single recognisable style.


This was successfully rolled out on all aspects of the business including stationery, literature, social media, website, scaffold banners, clothing and ID badging.

Branding - Procast
Procast Business Card Mock Up_edited.jpg

How to make a business card stand out, use a four colour black with bright colours!

Procast LH Mock Up Grey_edited.jpg

The letter headed paper works very well using the logo shape oversized and tinted.

Procast Boardroom 2_edited.jpg

Meeting rooms are usually forgotten about but with a bold print on Kappa board it can brighten up any room.

Procast A4 Folder Mock Up RGB_edited.jpg

Presenting your services, case studies or invoice in a branded official folder will make a lasting impression.

oakland care

Oakland Care is a 5-star luxury care provider with several care homes in the southeast of England.


We were initially tasked to help with re-branding, however as this was very successful we have since collaborated on many projects ranging from brochure design, literature, magazine advertising, website redesign and supplying social media assets, helping to launch five new state-of-the-art care homes.

OC Full Colour LogoRGB_edited.jpg
Branding - Oakland
OC EC Rollup Mockup_edited.jpg

The classic pop up banner, essential for exhibitions or to create an official entrance.

OC WG 12pp Mock Up_edited.jpg

Designing a corporate brochure that's not only clean and fresh but full of useful information, this is a great example!

OC Staff Ads TAblet_edited.jpg

Social media is huge. Your social footprint should be prominent and clear every time.

Bus Stop Billboard OC MockUp_edited.jpg

Big print format is still important, it is a great, informal and fun way to run a marketing campaign.

overbridge capital


Based in Hong Kong and the Middle East, Overbridge Capital was looking to acquire a logo design that was simple yet elegant.


Without incorporating the obvious design of a bridge, we simplified the process allowing the use of a sweeping curve and vertical uprights within the font to achieve this.


The client was delighted that the brief had been followed and has rolled it out in various formats.

Branding - Overbridge

With all our logos we push it in every direction with colours and shape, to get the final design perfect.


We also look at how the logo could grow and  expand, as the business thrives.

Overbridge Tablet_edited.jpg

Using the most up to date software we take the designs and push and pull them.

Overbridge Capital Board Room_edited.jpg

Once we are happy and excited about our designs we can show visuals of how the logo will look in situ.

wij scotland

A new logo was required for Women in Journalism that gave a powerful impact but still delivered a feminine feel.


We used a strong typeface for this logo and subtly represented journalism by implementing a comma into the design - resulting in an effective brand mark that impressed our client.


This was supplied in various formats for digital and print output as well as brand guidelines outlining its correct use.

WIJ Logo_edited.jpg
Branding - WIJ
WIJ - Mockup_edited.jpg

We are a very versatile agency covering all our client's needs from a simple screen saver to a complex web site.

Women in Journalism Business card Mock Up copy_edited.jpg

Keeping the design bold but only using three colours, with the clever hint of femininity.

WIJ Book Mock Up_edited.jpg

This simple book cover stands out on any book shelf, you can even get a digital version with interactive links.

Women in Journalism ID Badge_edited.jpg

It's nice to go to work in an office where everybody knows your name - even if it's just because they're reading it off your ID.

Branding - Pacific

pacific building

PB Logo BLUE RGB.png

Pacific Building is an established construction and fit-out company. They are an innovative and dynamic company with a proven track record of dependability, delivering high quality projects throughout the UK and Ireland. The company has grown and evolved so much over the past 15 years and they are now an employee-owned business.


They were looking for a new identity that incorporated all of their growth - so that’s exactly what we did.


The new logo features the Dynamic Wave which represents the movement and strength of this forward-thinking business and the “i”s in Pacific are stylised people - to denote employee ownership. 

PB Business Cards Mock Up 2.jpg

We love contrast and we achieved this by using a dark side and a bright side.

PB Letterhead Mock Up.jpg

We created Word document files were so that letters can be generated in-house.

PB T Shirt Mock Up.jpg

Our client required branded t-shirts for general use.

BP Board Room 2.jpg

Brighten up your boardroom with a statement logo.

The first step of branding is knowing what it is, and what it isn’t

Let us help you with that decision.

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