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Good professional quality shots of people, products, services and locations speak volumes about your corporate organisation. You know what they say: “Every picture tells a story.”


Don’t leave it to chance using smartphone pics that look like Lego when they are printed. We recommend only the best images, taken by the most experienced and talented photographers that will do justice to your online presence.


We have first-hand access to professional studios and inspiring locations to help you work towards the photographs that best define you.

bluKite Jack.jpg
Retouched 3304_edited.jpg

Photoshoots should be fun as well as professional. People are more at ease and react well with the camera when they are enjoying the experience.

BW 3260_edited.jpg

It's always  great to get the people that help create the images involved, hair, make up and clothes designers all play a huge part on any photoshoot.


Static photographs just do not convey the energy involved. We like to ensure this movement is captured in our shots.

bluKite Saw pic.jpg

Photographs set up for Photoshop, what's not to like! Create fun (less harmful!) pics.

f.a.b magazines

In the process of designing the f.a.b magazines, several photo shoots took place. All were relaxed and used non professional models who were put at ease as for many this was their first time in front of a camera for a publication.

Some of the shoots were of individuals and others were group shots, but all were fun and everyone involved mentioned that they had a great time. We are sure you will agree the end results show the girls looking amazing!

Retouched 3398 BW Cover 2_edited.jpg

Post editing of photographs can create eye catching images. We love Photoshop! It's our go to photo editing tool.

EditExport-9233 CMYK_edited.jpg

Backdrops that can transport you from a wet and soggy Glasgow to a tropical paradise in minuites.

Cover Shot_edited.jpg

Industrial settings create great backdrops. The contrast ensures the models are front and centre in the photograph.

IMG_4029 RGB_edited.jpg

Props and clothing that tell a story! It's all about the narrative. Discussing these options before a photoshoot is a must.

Photography - FAB

Capturing that moment before it's gone forever

Let us photograph those forever moments.

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