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As the founders of bluKite, Sam and John have over 50 years of combined skills in the print and digital sectors.

We head teams of designers, web developers, social media managers, photographers, word wizards and a whole lot more! 


sam ramsay


bluKite Sam MR.jpg

Sam is a one-off, there’s no doubting that!


Bubbly, animated and energetic, she brings a new and exciting aspect to all of her design work.


Never afraid to explore creative avenues, she is passionate about her work and this shine’s through in her modern approach.


Sam has worked on many large projects including national magazines. Loud and proud, that just about sums Sam up!

john mcleod


Our very own “Distinguished Gentleman” who will not be happy until he has explored all creative avenues and in record time.


His energetic, enthusiastic outlook on life makes him burst with ideas. He loves to be thrown a challenge - the bigger the better.


A Swiss army knife, whose eagle-eyed attention to detail is legendary!


Finding an agency who understands
your needs is hard.

Let our amazing team help you craft your strategy today.

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