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magazines & brochures


We just love designing magazines and brochures!


They are wonderful things to print, hold and read. With today technology and with our fast paced lifestyle you can now view magazines and brochures digitally on a flip book that can be sent directly to your clients. They are great not only for their portability but also for the way links can be added within the text or pictures that transport you to further web pages or indeed video.

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bluKite BEAUTY Magazine issue 3.jpg

This informative magazine is bursting with real life experiences from real woman. We do everything from planning to the  photoshoots.

bluKite NFA Annual Reports.jpg

We wanted to creating an annual report for the National Fostering Agency (NFA) that had a child like feel using bright bold colours shapes and pictures. Reflecting children who are at the heart of this organisation, but still maintaining a powerful informative report.

bluKite Bi Fold Doors Magazine 2.jpg

Lovely project from start to finish. Beautiful photography with the use of white space gives this brochure its elegant look.

bluKite Grape Tree Magazine 1.jpg

This health magazine needed a little zing to complement the healthy recipes and interesting factual stories so that is exactly what we did!

f.a.b magazines

bluKite BEAUTY Magazine Issue 2.jpg

Our client Laura, was looking to create a magazine that not only reflects the beauty services that f.a.b offers but also informs them of real life issues which people deal with including loss and cancer.


The result is a very sucsseful, quarterly magazine brimming with helpful information.


We create a print and online flip book version for each magazine.

Magazines - FAB

nfa annual reports

The National Fostering Agency (NFA) specialise in finding, training and supporting amazing foster carers in the UK.


We were asked to design the NFA annual reports. We felt that they should reflect colourful, playful views  promoting a strong “feel good” factor but still maintain the important facts and figures.


These were also uploaded as Flipbooks for instant viewing online.

bluKite NFA Annual Reports 2.jpg
Magazines - NFA

scottish bi-fold doors

bluKIte Bi Fold Doors Magazine 1.jpg

The design of a landscape magazine was essential to show off the beautifully crafted door systems that are hand made in their East Kilbride factory.


Though this family business has never employed salespeople, they recognised the importance of a magazine both in print and digital format. The project was a pleasure to design and the finished result exceeded the client's expectations.

Magazines - Bi Fold

grape tree

Grape Tree is a well-being store with branches throughout Britain selling whole foods, nuts, vitamins and supplements.


We were asked to design new issues of their magazine which reflected the values and responsible sourcing of the merchandise they sold. Also included were tasty recipes and information about where and how products were transported from source to the stores.


The magazine can be found in all of their 125 stores throughout Britain and is a very successful ongoing production with a first-class editorial team.

bluKite Grape Tree Magazine 2.jpg
Magazines - GrapeTree

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