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Brand Guidelines

and why brand consistency is key!

Brand guidelines are clearly defined rules and standards that communicate how your brand visuals should be represented to the world. They ensure consistency and should be treated as a rule book for your brand identity. They should be easily understood by everyone involved in your brand communication, both internally and externally.

Building a brand image takes time, and maintaining a great brand image needs to be a company-wide effort. Brand guidelines help make sure your brand identity is recognisable, cohesive, consistent and of the highest possible quality.

Brand guidelines ensure a brands visual identity, this includes:

Information on your brands mission, values and vision

Logos – Full colour, secondary logos and icons with guidance to their use

Colour Palette – Primary and secondary colours

Typography – Font styles, sizes and spacing

Imagery – Photographs, illustrations and artwork

Brand tone – How language and emotion is used

Stationary and external signage use

You can see some great brand guidelines here:

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Jacqui Querns
Jacqui Querns
Apr 05, 2022

Thanks for sharing BluKite

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