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bluKite's quick guide to colours

and why you don't just pick the ones you like!

We think colours are one of the most important aspects of your brand. Choosing a colour because it's yours or the client's favourite is a definite no.

Colours affect us in many different ways but all colours create a specific frame of mind for people – it’s called a mood. Colour sets the mood of brand expression, and more importantly, creates mental associations to the meaning of your brand within the context of the world it lives in.

Before choosing your colour palette we must determine the mood you want your brand to convey.

Is your company more serious or is it fun and easygoing?

Is your brand energetic, revolutionary or eco friendly?

All these factors play their part and have to be explored before considering a single colour. If you would like help with the mood of your brand - please get in touch.

Guide to Colours:

Red – strength, aggressive, passion, boldness

Blue – regal, authority, dignity, security, faithful

Orange – fun, cheeriness, warmth, positivity

Green – environment, tranquillity, health, freshness

Pink – femininity, innocence, softness, health

Yellow – optimism, motivated, energy, cheerful

Purple – sophistication, spirituality, royalty, mystery

Brown – earthiness and subtle richness

White – purity, truthfulness, contemporary, refined

Black – sombre, serious, distinctive, bold, classic

Grey – authority, practical, conservative

Read more about how colours effect behaviour here:

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